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International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies


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International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies

2016, Vol. 3 Issue 5, Part B
A Study on snakes from Mokhada and Jawhar (Dist. Palghar) Maharashtra, India
Author(s): SA Bansode, VR More and KA Mirza
Abstract: Snakes are well adapted to their habitat’s. Depending on their habitat they may be aquatic snakes, burrowing and arboreal snakes, Snakes found in different size, shape and color due to their mode of life. Snakes occupy a wide range of habitats which includes fields, forests, wetland, ponds, lakes, streams, rocky hillsides, farmland, vacant plots and residential areas also. The Mokhada region is having a large number of snakes. A checklist of snakes is prepared on the basis of the information collected from the survey during August 2015 to April 2016.The captured snakes represent 31 types of species under 7 families. In these families 12 were venomous snakes, 19 non-venomous snakes. The present study is an attempt to evaluate the information, occurrence, abundance &species richness and further assist in the knowledge, awareness and conservation of snake fauna in this region. So this study may play helpful role in conversation of the biodiversity.
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