International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies

Volume 1, Issue 2

Studies of Basking Activity in Monitor Lizard (Varanus bengalensis) From Thatta of Sindh

Author(s): M Usman Ali Hashmi1, M Zaheer Khan2.
1. Department of Zoology, Dehli Govt Science College, Hussainabad Karachi, Pakistan 75950.
2. Dept Of Zoology,University of Karachi, Pakistan-75270.

Abstract: Monitor Lizard Varanus bengalensis belong to the diurnal and ectothermic group of animals. Sun- bath activity is a evidence of ectotherm. Sun-bath activity in Varanus bengalensis was noted between 1-15 June 2013 at Thatta District of sindh inside halyjee road. A stony type habitat were observed for Varanus bengalensis. The Varanus bengalensis exhibits sun bath at the morning to the after-noon and some time show twice a day in the morning and the afternoon. Morning sunbath (Thermoregulation) observed begins around 0815 h and continued until 0940 h, afternoon sunbath begins near about 1300 h-1400 h, and continues until 1500 h. After sunbath V.bengalensis observed fast movement and capture their preys very quickly.

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