International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies

Volume 1, Issue 3

Food and Feeding Habits of Sillago sihama (Forsskal, 1775) (Family: Sillaginidae) from Karachi Coast

Author(s): M.Atiqullah Khan, Kiran Yousuf, Shagufta Riaz

Abstract:Sillago sihama has been found as carnivore fish on the basis of contents analysis from stomachs. Sillago sihama is a crustacean, teleosts, mollusks, echinoderms and polychaetes feeder. Stomach contents were consisted of echinoderms Amphipholis squamata, Ophioplocus imbricatus, mollusks, bivalves Cardium sp., Tellina sp., Anadora sp., gastropod shells, crustaceans Pagurus digenus (hermit crab) Acetes sp., Carideans, polychaetes Lumbrineris sp., polynoid worm (scale worms) Eunicid worms, Gozia zeder, rotifer Hydratina sp., Echiuroid worm, monaxone spicules, gills, appendages, chela, parts of carapace, eyes and flash of crabs and prawns, telson of prawns, scales and eggs of fish, parts of bivalves and gastropod shells, parts of sea urchin shells, partially digested earth worms and polychaete worms, nematodes, broken arms of star fishes, fecal material, mucous and sand. Overall 4.21% stomachs were found to be gorged, 8.23%  full, 14.55% ¾ full, 17.24% ½ full, 24.52 % ¼ full, 26.43 % barely full and 4.78 % were empty it was noticed that feeding activity slows down during the spawning months. Overall this fish changes its food habit with the change in season.

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