International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies

Volume 1, Issue 5

Chromo-Ecological studies of two short horn Grasshoppers, Phlaeoba infumata Brunner and Oedaleus abruptus Thunberg (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Author(s): M. E. Hassan

Abstract: Two very common short horn grasshoppers, Phlaeoba infumata and Oedaleus abruptus in Aligarh district were studied under different ecological conditions (27±1 °C and 37±1 °C and isolated & crowded) in order to estimate magnitude of swarming behaviour on the basis of colour changes. The colour changes of head and prothorax of these grasshoppers in all hopper instars and adult stages, both in male and female were critically observed and drawn as colour plates.

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