International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies

Volume 1, Issue 6

Puntius nelsoni, Systomus chryseus and S. rufus (cypriniformes: cyprinidae),three new fish species from Kerala, India

Author(s): Mathews Plamoottil

Abstract: Puntius nelsoni, a new species of the family cyprinidae, is distinguished from its congeners by the following combination of characters: body and fins yellowish; a narrow bluish green mark present on summit of occiput; a thin black band present outer to operculum; barbels short and never reach orbit; head wide and deep; snout shorter; vent located away from ventral fin origin; caudal peduncle long; scales between lateral line and dorsal fin 5 ½ and pre dorsal scales 9.  Systomus chryseus, new species, differs from its relative species in having an unusually elongated body, golden to yellowish golden color on flanks, pectoral, pelvic and anal fins orange red; pectoral fin long and its tip reaches origin of ventral fin; lateral line scales 29-30 and pre dorsal scales 11. Systomus rufus, new species, differs from its congeners in having a deeper body; dorsal fin situated nearer to caudal fin base than snout tip and a little behind ventral origin; dorsal fingreen and other fins red; 11-12 pre dorsal scales, 30 lateral line scales and 6½ scales between lateral line and dorsal fin base.  The new species of fishes are described and compared with its related species.

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