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International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies


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International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies

2017, Vol. 4 Issue 3, Part B
Role of water temperature and water quality on reproductive performance of fishes
Author(s): Radha Rajanee
Abstract: Fish regulate body temperature because of the optimal temperature that they need to survive. Every species has an optimal temperature range at which they can be active, grow, reproduce, and metabolize. Water temperature and water quality plays a significant role in the reproductive processes of temperate fishes. Based on our present experiments, it was concluded that 20-32 degree centigrade was optimal breeding temperature for fishes and water temperature higher than this will reduce rate of reproduction. Seasonal change in temperature has a profound effect on reproduction in fish. All freshwater fishes are ectoderms that can not regulate their body temperature through physiological means and whose body temperature are identical to, or very close to the environmental temperature at their specific location. These fishes do thermo regulate behaviorally moving between thermally heterogeneous microhabitats to select most advantageous temperature for their current physiological state. However unlike physiological thermoregulation behaviour thermo regulation is constrained by the range are temperatures available in the environment. Because biochemical reaction rates are largely a function of body temperature, all aspects of an individual fish's physiology including growth, reproduction and activity are directly influenced by changes in temperature. Biochemical and physiological reactions that happen can be quantified by the Q10, a dimensionless number that measures the magnitude of the rate change over a 10 degree centigrade range. Global warming will affect individual fish by altering physiological functions such as thermal tolerance, growth, metabolism, food consumption, reproductive success, and the ability to maintained internal homeostasis in the face of a variable external environment. Like water temperature water quality is very important fish reproduction as poor quality water can effect the health, reproduction and growth of the fish. It is important that we have to pay attention to the water's chemical and physical factors.
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Radha Rajanee. Role of water temperature and water quality on reproductive performance of fishes. Int J Fauna Biol Stud 2017;4(3):139-142. DOI: 10.22271/23940522.2020.v7.i6a.773
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