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International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies

2018, Vol. 5 Issue 3, Part C
Utilization of Terminalia arjuna for development of herbal multi-grain biscuits
Author(s): Alifiya, Jyoti Prabha Bishnoi, Anee Shree and Simmy Gupta
Abstract: In the present scenario, with increasing technology and competition humans are facing various health issues that is why today’s generation is turning towards healthy option in food which will not only satisfy their appetite but is also healthy as well as tasty and provides some or the other benefits. Out of all the health problems faced by the consumers in this high paced world cardiac issues capture the majority which in return affects the functionality of other vital parts of the human body. Therefore, the aim of the present study is to develop multi-grain herbal biscuits by utilization of 2, 4, and 6% Terminalia arjuna bark powder which acts as a cardio tonic. This study also involves investigation of physiochemical properties and sensory quality of the developed biscuits. The results demonstrated that 2% Terminalia arjuna containing biscuits had lower ash content, normal diameter, lower spread ratio, higher thickness, lower moisture than biscuits which don’t contain Terminalia arjuna. Sensory evaluation results indicated that biscuits incorporated with Terminalia arjuna up to 2% level did not affect the overall acceptability of biscuits. Thus, it can be concluded that 2% Terminalia arjuna can be incorporated for multi-grain biscuits to improve the nutritional quality, shelf life and providing desired benefits for people with cardiac issues without affecting the sensory acceptability of composite biscuits. Thus present study was first in its kind to determine the overall acceptability and physico-chemical properties of multi-grain herbal biscuits developed by incorporation of Terminalia arjuna at different levels.
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Alifiya, Jyoti Prabha Bishnoi, Anee Shree, Simmy Gupta. Utilization of Terminalia arjuna for development of herbal multi-grain biscuits. Int J Fauna Biol Stud 2018;5(3):228-232.
International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies