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International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies


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International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies

International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies

2022, Vol. 9 Issue 5, Part A
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
In vitro evaluation of antennal olfactory sensillum response and chemo-detection ability of Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Olivier) for pheromone blends by Electroantennography (EAG)
S Kannan, Vasuki Vivekananda, Lokesh Makam and SP Venkatesh Prasad
Pages: 01-04  |   Views   Downloads  |  Country: India
Resolving the taxonomic confusion in the Nigeria Snakeheads (Teleostei, Channidae): DNA barcoding of the Lagos lagoon populations
Olusola Sokefun
Pages: 05-11  |   Views   Downloads  |  Country: Nigeria
Ponds culture of juveniles of freshwater oyster Etheria elliptica Lamarck, 1807 in Benin (West Africa)
David Giraud Akélé, Eugène Dessouassi, Imaculé Schadrac BAGLO, Flavien Judicaël Aboto, Elie Montchowui and Philippe Lalèyè
Pages: 12-18  |   Views   Downloads  |  Country: Benin
Distribution, eggs number and nutrition content of pila scutata snail in rice fields of Subak Uma Desa, Duda village-Bali
Ni Made Suartini and Ni Wayan Sudatri
Pages: 19-22  |   Views   Downloads  |  Country: Indonesia
Serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase (SGPT) levels and histopathological of KUB chicken liver given water extract of neem leaves (Azadirachta indica) in drinking water
Dwi Ariani Yulihastuti, Gusti Ayu Mayani Kristina Dewi, I Gede Mahardika and I Gusti Nyoman Gde Bidura
Pages: 23-27  |   Views   Downloads  |  Country: Indonesia
A newly recorded genus and species of the tribe lamiini (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae) from China
Gui-Qiang Huang, Hao Zhang, You-Xue Peng and Qian Huang
Pages: 28-30  |   Views   Downloads  |  Country: China
Ichthyological composition of fishing gear types from marine artisanal fishery of grand-lahou (Ivory Coast)
Moustapha Diaby, Yaya Soro, Koutou Olivier Narcisse Ocho and Konan N’DA
Pages: 31-37  |   Views   Downloads  |  Country: Côte d'Ivoire
Côte d'Ivoire
Reproduction of five mullet fish (Mugilidae) in Grand-Lahou Lagoon, Côte d’Ivoire: Size at first sexual maturity, reproduction period and sex ratio
Moustapha DIABY, Corinne Manuella Anet AKADJE, Jean-Paul Aka AGNISSAN and Konan N’DA
Pages: 38-44  |   Views   Downloads  |  Country: Côte d'Ivoire
Côte d'Ivoire
On the occurrence, trapping and potential risks of the invasive Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis Linnaeus, 1766) in the Gaza Strip: Palestine
Abdel Fattah N Abd Rabou
Pages: 45-55  |   Views   Downloads  |  Country: Côte d'Ivoire
Côte d'Ivoire
Evaluation of abundance, species diversity and well-being of cichlidae fish species in Anambra river basin, Nigeria
Odo SN, Iwuji AC, Odo MK and Urama KU
Pages: 56-61  |   Views   Downloads  |  Country: Nigeria
Impact of bacterial zoonotic diseases in India
Dr. Sonika Kapoor
Pages: 62-68  |  593 Views  227 Downloads  |  Country: India

International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies
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